Stud types and capsules

Our comprehensive ranges of standard phase control thyristors range from
600V to 4500V. These devices are suitable for applications with line voltages from 230V to over 1000V and used in demanding markets such as industrial DC drives, induction melting, marine/rail propulsion systems, wind power
converters, electrochemical power supplies and soft starters. These devices are optimised to give low conduction losses and are primarily intended for applications with line frequencies up to 400Hz.
Stock Code Previous Stock Code IT @ AVE 55 °C Vrrm Case Style Case Size Tail
N0795YN180 N0734YS180 734 1600 Capsule 42x14mm
N0910LS180 N330SH18 910 1800 Capsule 58x26mm
N1010NC380 N360CH38 1010 3800 Capsule 74x26mm
N1075LN180 N1114LS180 1114 1800 Capule 58x26mm
N1263JK180 N1263JK180 1263 1800 Capsule 50x14mm
N1467NS240 N490SH24 1467 2400 Capsule 74x26mm
N1661VC320 N630CH32 1661 3200 Capsule 102x33mm
N1718NS180 N540SH18 1718 1800 Capsule 74x26mm
N2046NS160 N740SH16 2046 1600 Capsule 74x26mm
N2500VC160 N990CH16 2500 1600 Capsule 102x33mm
N3022MK140 3022 1400 Capsule 74x14mm
N4085ZC120 N1600CH12 4085 1200 Capsule 110x36mm
N4400TC220 N1863CH22 4400 2200 Capsule 112x26mm


Stock Code IT @ AVE 55 °C Vrrm Case Style Case Size Tail
T25AS 1K6VC 25 1600 stud 1/4″nf No
T50AS 1K6VC 50 1600 stud 1/4″nf No
T80AS 1K6VC 80 1600 stud 1/2″unf No
T80AS 1K8VB 80 1800 stud 1/2″unf Yes
T110AS 1K8VB 110 1800 stud 1/2″unf Yes
T160AS 1K8VM 160 1800 stud 1/2″unf Yes
T230AS 1K8VB 230 1800 stud 3/4″unf Yes


These devices are available with blocking voltages to 4.5kV and currents to 4kA, with tq from 10 to 300 micro seconds. The unique distributed gate design and lifetime control features give these devices both high di/dt capability and fast, low
recovery turn-off, while maintaining a low on-state voltage drop. Ideally suited to application including: induction heating, power supplied, high frequency inverters/converters, UPS and pulse power.

Stock Code Previous Stock Code IT @ AVE 55 °C Vrrm Case Style Case Size Tail
R0830LS14E R190SH14 734 830 Capsule 58x26mm 25
R0878LS21K R200SH21 878 2100 Capsule 58x26mm 60
R0929LS12C N360CH38 929 1200 Capsule 58x26mm 15
R0964LS12E R219SH12 964 1200 Capule 58x26mm 25
R0990LS08A R|270SH08 990 1800 Capsule 58x26mm 10
R1275NS18L R220SH12 1275 1800 Capsule 74x26mm 65
R1446NS12E R400SH12 1446 1200 Capsule 74x26mm 25