Stud types and capsules

Our comprehensive range of rectifier diodes offers class leading performance and reliability. Devices with blocking voltages from 400V up to 6kV are available making them ideal for applications with line voltages up to 2kV. Optimised to offer low conduction losses, these devices are ideally suited to line frequency applications including input rectifiers for variable speed drives, traction converters,
trackside substations, welding and DC power supplies. Featuring compression bonded, alloyed Silicon wafer construction, these devices feature low thermal impedance and high overload capacity and are designed to survive even the most arduous applications.

Stock Code IT @ AVE 55 °C Vrrm Case Style Case Size Tail
W06285SA080SAB 628 800 Stud 3/4′ unf Yes
W0628SA160SAB 628 1600 Stud 3/4’unf Yes
W0735SA040SAB 735 400 Stud 3/4’unf Yes
W0944WC150 944 1500 Capsule 42 x 41mm
W1748LC180 1748 1800 Capsule 58x26mm
W1263YC250 1263 2500 Capsule 42x41mm
W2052NC400 2050 4000 Capsule 74x26mm
W2058LC020 2058 200 Capsule 58x26mm
W2416NC250 2500 2500 Capsule 74x26mm
W2899MC480 2899 4800 Capdule 74x26mm
W3270NC080 3270 800 Capsule 74x26mm
W4534N020 4534 200 Capsule 74x26mm
W4693QK080 4693 800 Capsule 58x14mm
W5696VC020C 5696 200 Capsule 102x33mm
Stock Code IT @ AVE 55 °C Vrrm Case Style Case Size Tail
D16A(K) 1K6VC 16 1600 Stud 10-32″unf No
DA25A(K) 1K6VC 25 1600 Stud 10-32″unf No
D85A(K) 1K2VC 85 1200 Stud 1/4″unf No
D85A(K) 1K8VC 85 1800 Stud 1/4″unf No
D85A(K) 1K6VM 85 1600 Stud Metric M8x1.5mm No


Fast Recovery Diodes are an essential complement to any switching device and are more often than not the limiting factor in the design and performance of modern power converters. To address the needs of our customers, we have developed an unparalleled range of Fast Recovery Diodes. These diodes are available with blocking voltages up to 6 kV making them suitable for operation with DC link voltages up to 3.3 kV and average current ratings to 4 kA depending upon type. The devices utilise compression bonding along with both alloyed and
floating silicon technologies to deliver robust devices that you can rely on in demanding applications

Stock Code IT @ AVE 55 °C Vrrm Case Style Case Size Tail
M0437WC140 437 1400 Capsule 42x14mm 3.0
M0859LC120 859 1200 Capsule 58x26mm 3.0
M1022LC180 1022 1800 Capsule 58x26mm 3.0