Heat resistant multi-core with external silicone sheath

Cable is used for high temperatures such as fixed installation inside light instruments. The silicone rubber insulation, in addition to giving high performance in high temperature environments, the cable is halogen free with excellent UV, ozone, oxygen, artificial light and atmospheric resistance. It also maintains it’s characteristics of elasticity in low temperatures of -50°C.


Nominal Voltage: 300/500V
Test Voltage: 2000V
Maximum Operating Temp.: 180oC
External Ɵ Tolerance: 0.20MM
  • Conductor: Twisted strands of flexible tin coated copper wires. Copper wire class 5.
  • Insulation: Silicone Rubber EI2
  • Sheath: Red Brick Silicone
Three Core : Yellow/Green – Blue – Brown
Four Cores: Yellow/Green – Blue – Brown – Black
Five Cores: Yellow/Green – Blue – Brown – Black – Grey