This cable suitable for the interconnection of the various elements of photovoltaic systems. It’s suitable for fixed installation outside and inside without protection or inside pipes, ducts or similar closed systems, in direct or indirect buried installation and in environment subjected to partial or total water submersion.

The cable has high resistance against Ozone, U.V rays, oils, moisture and weather conditions. Suitable for use at an ambient temperature up to 90°C (120°C overload),thanks to the use of materials with temperature-index of 120 °C,determined according to Norm IEC 60216 (20,000 h and 50% of residual elongation). The estimated lifetime of these cables is at least 25 years.


Nominal Voltage: 1kV/1KV
Test Voltage: 3.5KV
Operating Temp.: -40oC to +90oC
Maxmium Short Circuit Temp: +150oC
Minimum Bending Radius 4 X OD
  • Conductor:  Flexible Tin Platted Copper Class 5
  • Core Insulation: LSOH Rubber Compound
  • Sheath: LSOH Rubber Compound
  • Sheath Colour:  Red/Black

SOLD IN 100/500/1000 DRUMS