Rectifier Diode Modules

MacMic provides Rectifier Diode Modules for single-phase and three-phase AC source applications. The Rectifier Diode Modules are fully compatible with the industry common configurations that give the customer a better choice for good quality at a more acceptable price. Our Rectifier Diode Modules have a Blocking Voltage of more than 1600V and are available for higher rating requests. The superior Short Circuit Current (i²t) and Surge Current (Ifsm) specifications show the ruggedness of the modules that are more reliable to work in a tougher AC Line input condition.


  •  Field Supply for DC Motors
  • Line Recifiers for Transistorized AC Motor Controllers
  • Non-controllable Rectifiers for AD/DC Converter
Stock Code Vrrm Vrsm IF(AV) Data Sheet
MMD110A160B 1600 1700 110A DataSheet
MMDS160S160B 1600 1700 160A DataSheet
MMD200S160B 1600 1700 200A DataSheet
MMD90A160B 1600 1700 90A DataSheet