High Power & Water Cooled


High power capacitors are used in medium frequency induction heating electrical systems for power factor correction or to improve loop characteristics. The electric heating capacitor is mainly composed of a core and a box shell and is filled with a high-quality impregnating agent, and the core is welded with a cooling water pipe for cooling the water supply container

  • Water Cooled
  • Electrically Live or Dead Case
  • Aluminum Allow Shell
  • Polypropylene Film


Water cooled capacitors offer several advantages over air-cooled ones, making them the preferred choice for high power applications. First and foremost, they can handle higher currents while maintaining a lower temperature due to their efficient
cooling system. This means that water cooled capacitors have a longer life span and require less maintenance. In addition, water has a higher heat capacity than air, which allows it to absorb more heat from the capacitor. As a result, water cooled capacitors are able to operate at higher voltages without overheating or causing damage to other components in the circuit.

Another advantage of using water cooled capacitors is their compact size. They take up much less space compared to their air-cooled counterparts since they do not need bulky finned heat sinks for cooling purposes. Water cooled capacitors are also more environmentally friendly as they consume significantly less energy than air-cooled ones. The reduced energy consumption results in lower greenhouse gas emissions and decreased carbon footprint. The use of water cooled capacitors in high power applications offers numerous benefits such as improved performance, increased efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

Part Number Rated Voltage (V) Rated Capacity (Kvar) Frequency (Hz) Rated Cap (μF)
RFM0.75-1000-1S 750 1000 1000 6*47.2
RFM1.2-2000-1S 1200 2000 1000 6*36.9
RFM1.6-2000-0.5S 1600 2000 500 6*41.5
RFM0.75-2000-1S 750 2000 1000 10*56.6
RFM1.2-2000-0.5S 1200 2000 500 8*55.3