Solid State Relays

solid state relay


Solid State Relays (SSR) are semiconductor equivalents of the electromechanical relay and can be used to control electrical loads without the use of moving parts. By having no moving parts, the SSR tends to have a longer operational lifetime as they are not subjected to wear and tear.

HDH are power line relays allowing 10 to 150 Amps and switching power with voltage ratings from 280 to 480VAC. Hybrid technology provides highly efficient thermal management for greatly increased cyclic life.


  • Logic compatible current regulated input. 4000 Vrms optical isolation
  • Both “Zero Voltage” & phase controllable “Random Switching” versions
  • High voltage (1200 Vpk)versions for 480 Vrms service
  • LED-indication for control input, Control voltage range:4 to 16 Vdc or 3 to 32 Vdc
Part Number Control Voltage (VDC) Line Voltage (VAC) Current (A) Switching Type
HDH2528ZD3 3-32 280 25 Zero Cross
HDH4028RD3 3-32 280 40 Random
HDH4028ZD3 3-32 280 40 Zero Cross
HDH4048RD3 3-32 480 40 Random
HDH4048ZA4 3-32 480 40 Zero Cross
HDH7528RD3 3-32 280 75 Random
HDH10028ZD3 3-32 280 100 Zero Cross
HTH6048ZD3 3-32 480 60 Zero Cross